First, let the record show that I didn’t put this page in to manipulate you or try to freak you out with my beliefs. I want to share this, and I promise there won’t be any lies, games, or attempts to convert you 🙂 All I intend to do on this page is tell you what I know.

You may already have a ‘church’, you may have a pretty neat religion, or maybe you’re more focused on trying to be a ‘good’ person, but do you have Jesus? Let me tell you about him. He is a change agent, the most powerful one that ever was or ever will be. Therapy can change you, medications can certainly change you, and a new environment can do wonders for the mind, body and soul. Mentors can impart wisdom and parents can help to guide you; I’ve had them and I’m grateful. However, I’ve always wanted to be different than the way I was. For the majority of my life I’ve fought to change habits, change personality, get rid of vices, and I tried very hard, but in the midst of all my extremely tiring effort I hadn’t been listening very well. In the background there was a voice calling me, and it was the voice of Jesus. He said to me, “Come, you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest, take my yolk upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your soul for my yolk is easy and my burden is light.”

Graphic montage illustration of the Christian concept of forgiveness composed of associated words and concepts. An inspirational contemporary design available as vector.

This is the good news my friend, that Jesus died and rose again, effectively and permanently disabling every single force of darkness that wants to hold any of us in it’s clutches. He wants to take your clumsy heavy burden and give you his rest. He wants to teach you some things, and he promises that his way is so much better. I know that’s pretty intense, and maybe a bit hard to believe, but it is true, oh so true. When I listened to his call, he took my hand; in the dark he took my hand and became my eyes. He began to lead me out of this world and into his. All I had to do was never let go, do whatever he did, and go wherever he went. My journey has been going on for over 20 years now, and though the world is still dark, I have the Light. Sometimes I have loosened my grip on his hand, and sometimes I have locked my legs and been disobedient, but when I settle down, unclench my stubborn jaw and reach for that eternal hand, it’s always there. Jesus asked one thing of me, not that I strenuously attempt to become something I am not (remember, I tried that already; it didn’t work), but instead he’s asked that I let him be a light through me.  He will chase the darkness and everything that comes with it!

This blog, the radio show and this very page are all a part of my being his light. If you are in the dark, Jesus is the answer you need. The answer to darkness is not self-help books, fitness training, sexual pleasure, fame, religion or money. You can have all of that right in the darkness and be lost all the same! The only way to combat darkness is with the Light. Jesus said, “I am the Light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.”

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If you have heard the voice of Jesus calling you to let him be the Light of your life and through your life, trust in it, put your faith in it. You will start on a journey that will literally take your entire earthly life to complete (and it will get dicey from time to time, just being honest), but when you are done, that’s when the bonus round kicks in! There is life beyond death, and Jesus has led the way. If you follow him, you will not only find your way through this life, you will find your way to a new and eternal life.

How is any of this even possible? How do you ‘do it’? By faith. By believing first of all that God exists, that he is Light and in him there is no darkness.  And then by believing that you and I are absolutely in utter darkness and need this marvelous Light. Then you must choose to believe that there never was and never will be a way for you to get to the Light unless there is a miracle. And finally, you must accept that there was in fact a miracle, and it is that God sent us his son Jesus to die, enter our darkness and spiritual separation, and victoriously lead us out and back to God our creator! Believe this and you will find life.

Ephesians 2.8

For those who ask, “But how do you know that Jesus lives? How do you know? There is a Spirit whom Jesus sent to be a personal, intimate guide for every individual that believes. He is called the Comforter and his job is to see us through and be our connection to God until we go to be with him. So, the evidence is inside of me, unseen yet potent because like I said at the start, Jesus is a change agent and I’ve been changed. Nothing can take it, nothing can reach it. Though it may sound cliche, I know that Jesus lives, because he lives in me. I take no credit for anything worthwhile; I have help, and he will be your help too.

With prayers and with love,