The ‘little’ Project

theJourneyLogo_smallJPEGHey everyone, if you’re popping over from FB or from the e-devotional, thanks for stopping by The Journey! November is an exciting month for me, not just because it’s a fantastic month to have a birthday (winks and nudges to all my girlfriends), but it’s the launch of “The ‘Little’ Project”. 

If you are like me, you probably feel there is never enough money, time, or energy to do what you are called to do, but for the next 21 days I am inviting you to join me and do something, no matter how small, toward your calling every single day! If you’re a writer, like me, then great, but this challenge is not for ‘writers’ it’s for everyone! Maybe you have a business plan to write, or a ministry idea burning in your heart. Perhaps you need to jump start your career or education. The thing we all have in common is the ability to do just a little.

In I Kings 17:7-16 there was a widow that was destined to be famous. God gave her a special assignment, to care for the Prophet Elijah. In the town of Zarephath the economy was busted, there was a drought. I’m sure many in that community were struggling to make it. Among them there lived a tender soul who only had enough oil and flour to eat one last meal and then die, but God had other plans! She was about to make that dreaded last meal for herself and her son with the little she had when Elijah dropped into her town and asked her to prepare a meal for him also. She was ready for the challenge: her heart was broken, her will crushed, her agenda was wiped clean. This was a woman at the end of hope; there was no point in holding back, and so she gave her little to the prophet. She split the flour and made bread for Elijah also, but it was not to be her last meal nor his. Every day for the remainder of the drought she opened her pots to find a little more oil and a little more flour, and every day she took the little and poured it out not just for herself and her son, but for her God-given assignment, Elijah. God knows that you only have a little, and he knows that you need to use it for your assignment. There is no point in holding it back! If you do something with the little you have today, God will always give a little more for you to work with tomorrow.

I want to pray with you and for you as you take the little to a new level! Join my email list, and let’s do this together! Be a part of “The ‘little’ Project” and for 21 days, beginning November 1st, I’ll send you an encouraging and inspiring word to help you stay motivated! Commit to doing the little and watch God add more of what you need to your life.

Share the challenge with your friends, and as always,…

Be Blessed!Seeding,Seedling,Male hand watering young tree

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