The Way to Love

This is the way to love. This is the way to love. All through scripture, I hear God saying, “This, not that, is love. I, not you, am love.” God is love. It’s cliché, I know. We hate clichés. Despise them. Dismiss them. Reject and undervalue the truth in them.

God is still love.

This is the way to love. If you must love, if you insist upon it, then just try, give it your all and still you will fail! Many tragedies have been stirred by love valiantly attempted, but regrettably failed.

God doesn’t try to love. God is love. Jesus Christ was a complete and flawless embodiment of Divine Love. He only knew what Love knew, said what Love said, and did what Love did.

This is the way to love. Get up on the altar, lay yourself down, then wait, wait, wait for it. Cringe at the thought of what might happen next. What might you lose? What might you suffer?

This is the way to love, and no, none of us really want to go that way. Can’t this be resolved with penance? Servitude? Platitudes? Let’s put these things on the altar instead? Shall we?

Take this cup away.

This is the way to love. All of you, in exchange for all of Him. Lie down, and wait for it. Wait for this certain death, foretold from the Garden of Eden, but also wait for love, redemption’s majestic song, the great and holy exchange! Christ must live! Love must live! Surely I will die, so that I too can live, and so I too can love.

This is the way to love. Hollowed out , cavernous and dark. I am a lantern; come now Lord Jesus and be the Light that shines. I am a vessel; come now sweet Saviour and be the Love poured out.

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