Breaking Out of Survival Mode

When I first had a child, I held on to a precious and personal prayer. It was a simple one, based on Proverbs 31:28 where it says of the virtuous woman, that her children rise up and call her blessed and her husband speaks well of her. It was truly all I wanted out of life, but then life got intense!

Children bring lots of surprises to your life, most of them financial. And in case you haven’t heard, marriage is complicated, so make a mental note in case you forget. My career took more dips and dives than the best roller coaster that Disney World has to offer! The time eventually came when the last thing on my mind was what my husband or kids would say of me, all I wanted to do was survive my life!

If you are in survival mode today, I feel you! Hang in there! This is a part of your process, but it’s not the full picture. In verse 25 of that very same chapter in Proverbs it says, “Strength and honor are her clothing; she shall rejoice in time to come.” As hard as this woman worked, as diligent as she was, taking care of family, business and community, the scriptures don’t tell us that she had it easy!  What we do know is that she was touching many many lives including those in her household. It was God that clothed her with strength and honor to do the work and have the impact that she had! But I repeat, it was not easy!

Let God clothe you! Let us all take off the garments of ‘survival’ and let God dress us in strength and honor so that we can reach many.  Whether you are married or not, with or without kids, the Lord desires to clothe you and live through you in a unique and personal way so He can reach the world. I pray that your heart would receive that truth because an adventure awaits and like the scripture says, rejoicing is in your future.

On this week’s episode of The Journey, Flossie Cooper of Precious Presence Parental Ministry tells us some wonderful truths about God’s heart for the family as she shares her personal story of motherhood, marriage and ministry. Her earthy Crooked Island manner is refreshing and honest, and she’s filled with passion and prayers for this nation! Listen this Sunday at 9am on Global 99.5 FM

Be Blessed.

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