Calling All Angels

I grew up in the generation of ‘Now I lay me down to sleep’ bedtime prayers.  It was short, easy-to-remember “heaven insurance” for kids, just in case you ‘die before you wake’. Now that I’m a parent, I skip the imminent death prayers and instead we pray about any number of things that are on the children’s minds.  Whenever we pray, however, I always thank God for the angels encamped around us (Ps. 34:7). I truly believe that we have celestial beings assigned to our lives. It’s really hard though when an earthly ‘angel’ leaves, angels like my beloved Aunt Linda Marshall and Minister Joy Simmons, both of whom went home to the Father within the last week.

Have you entertained an angel today?  Maybe, you never quite know!  Better yet, have you been an angel today?  Graciousness, openness, loving-kindness, are just some of the traits that I want to further develop this year.  Even if I never entertain a celestial angel, I’d like to be someone’s earthly angel. I’m calling all angels and I hope that you are one of them! Open up and let God pour out his heart through you this year. Because of YOU, let someone be able to look to the heavens and say, “Wow, God must truly love me!”

Each week as I present this show to the you, and to the Lord, I am prayerful that someone would listen and ‘hear’ something just for them. On Sunday (Global 99.5 FM) I’ll be airing an interview that I did with Lavard “Manifest” Parks, musical artist extraordinaire. He was the very first person I asked to be a guest for this show, way back in summer of last year! His drive and intensity as an artist is balanced with such humble simplicity and genuine openness. This was an easy and fun show to host, and I use his music throughout so you really have to tune in and hear the excellent work he is producing, including the first single and title track from the upcoming album, Forever. Tune in on Sunday at 9am!

Be blessed!

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