The Audacity to Live the Dream

When you want to do something great, the first line of attack from the adversary is doubt, usually in the form of “who do you think you are to do this thing”? Our spiritual heritage is filled with men and women who were questioned about their personal worth or the worthiness of their tasks.  The ark seemed like a huge waste of time to those watching Noah. (Genesis 6-9) David was so small and inexperienced that the soldiers in Saul’s army, including his own brothers, laughed at the idea of him going to battle. (1 Samuel 17) And I’m sure it seemed futile to some persons for Nehemiah to leave his “good job” serving the king so that he could orchestrate the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls. (Nehemiah 1-2) There will never be a shortage of avenues for doubt and disbelief, but the paths of motivation and hope are few.
This week on “The Journey” my guest is 23 year old Davrielle Burrows. When we met up several weeks ago she came with such energy and openness.  We talked about her new book, Never Been Kissed and after the taping we talked about the challenges of chasing one’s dreams in a “who do you think you are” culture.  It takes boldness to step away from the crowd, abandon group-think and tune into the highly individualized vision of your life that God has provided.
I am more than ten years older than Davrielle, but she motivated me. She has audacity!  We all need to be audacious and unashamed of it!  You don’t want to miss this week’s show. With her trademark quiet confidence, Davrielle skilfully communicates what is in her heart.
What’s in your heart? What are you contemplating doing?  Click on the link next to this post and leave me a comment.  You’ll be entered for a chance to win a copy of Davrielle’s book. And I’ll have an opportunity to pray for you and your vision! Like I say, we are in this together!
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Be blessed!

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