Promised Land

On New Year’s Eve I ran into an old acquaintance, a sister in Spirit. We hadn’t seen each other in at least eight years.  It’s funny though, when kindred spirits meet up, there is no awareness of the passage of time or seasons.  The Spirit that unites just shows up and starts working!
As she and I looked back on the years past and then toward the new year we discussed Psalm 106:24. That verse talks about the decision that the Israelites made to not enter the Promised Land, a decision they made from a place of genuine fear. (It wasn’t rocket science people, there were giants in the land!) However, that same verse also says that they (the Israelites) failed to believe God’s solemn oath to care for them, and that was when things got sketchy.  For you see, when God makes an oath, it’s not just some probability, it’s a fact. The great tragedy of the Promised Land was not the 40 year trek through the desert. The tragedy happened well before that; it was from the very moment the people decided that God may not be able to keep them, let alone give them the land.

The New Year has begun and I’m telling you to banish fear! Hold on to the solemn oath of God! Make some decisions!!!! We can step out into the land because of His promises! I’m stepping out this weekend, that’s for sure :). This weekend marks the launch of “The Journey” and my first guest is Apostle Valentino Williams, Senior Pastor, Life Changers Ministries International.  After I interviewed him I felt alive, invigorated and excited about life and about God. He was THE right person for me to start with. Like the pastor that he truly is, he left me feeling like I was in my zone and that this show could really happen. Giants are going to fall this year!

Well, I believe you’ll be inspired by Pastor Williams, just like I continue to be, so tune in on Sunday morning at 9am to hear the interview.

Be Blessed!

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